About Us…

Tanya and Andrew are the current owners of ACT Home Pet Care.  We are pet lovers with Saphy, Punta (our cats) and Cedric (kelpie cross) plus the two girls (our ever reliable chooks) in our own family. We love our pets and will take care of your pets as well as we take care of our own."  


ACT Home Pet Care has been a reputable Canberra based company for over 20 years and understands the importance of good service. It is owned and operated by Tanya and Andrew, maintaining the family operated tradition of previous owners, and serving all Canberra suburbs.

We ensure that while you are away, your pets will be comfortable; stress free and very well cared for in their familiar environments.

We also understand that during your absence, there are the added benefits of having someone visit your home on a daily basis, increasing security and more importantly, giving you peace of mind.


ACT Home Pet Care offers some added benefits that have been well received by our customers. They are listed below for your consideration:


We do water pot plants. (Please refer to our pricing schedule.)

Cancellation fees only occur for bookings made during peak periods:

(December, January, Easter and school holidays)

Deposits only required for bookings made during peak periods.

No extra charges for time priority visits.

50% refund (in the form of credits) for paid visits that are cancelled, except during peak periods.

We offer the flexibility of allowing cash or cheque to be left at your premises for collection at the first visit.

And, we do not require our customers to sign contracts.