Comments from some of our customers…

 "A very big thank you for looking after Lily and Jinx whilst we were holidaying, they looked very happy and healthy upon our return. The overall service and cleanliness of the cat area was very impressive. We are pleased that we have found a great and trustworthy business with meeting you guys."
 Peter, Theodore

“ You provide a great service and I am so relieved we can take off for a few days and know the girls are so well looked after." 
Maryann, Melba

"Home Pet Care, 
Thank you for your wonderful and thorough service!  Our dogs were so relaxed when we returned home and hardly missed us at all!  A testament to the professional way in which you conduct your business. Thank you again.  We will certainly be using ACT Home Pet Care’s services again, a much better option than the kennels!
All the best!”

Karen, John (Molly and Sunny) Stafford – Evatt

"I am a really nervous "mother" to my two cats, but ACT Home Pet Care service has been absolutely incredible. It was really clear from the beginning how amazing Tanya and Andrew are with animals because my cats (who are nervous about strangers) were willing to approach them after a little time. I have trusted them with my cats on more than one occasion and my cats trust and like them. I will be more than happy to continue using ACT Home Pet Care in the future. Thank you both so much for the always wonderful service, looking after me, my cats and my home."

Ellie, Gungahlin

I have been immensely impressed with your services and having someone come in rather than taking Tommy somewhere else is so much easier (on him and me). If I do go away (at any time) I would certainly much prefer to use you and your company than anywhere else. "
Amanda McIntosh  - Page

"Thank you very much for looking after Grimmy and Thimble the week of the 17th, and especially for all the other things you did, ie putting out the bins, watering, feeding the magpies etc.  You were wonderful and we all appreciate it, and next time we go away we'll be calling on you!
Thanks again!"
Nada & Tim (& Grimmy & Thimble) – Nicholls

"Thanks once again for the excellent pet care.  The dogs were in perfect condition when we arrived home. It really is very good to be able to go away and to return and find all to be well on returning.  Thank you!"
Harry and Dorothy Zeylemaker - Flynn

"ACT Home Pet Care, thank you very much! My cats were looking happy and healthy when I got home. It's a comfort to know that I have somebody reliable to take care of them."

Kerry - Isaacs

"ACT Home Pet Care, thank you, as always, for providing such a wonderful and thorough service!"

Darcy Scott - Reid

"Our cat Zebbie is our life. We feel guilty when we leave him at home alone on those trips where he simply can not come with us. Without ACT Home Pet Care we would not be able to go on extended holidays. You look after our cat, garden and mail. Who could ask for more?"

Leo and Amanda Bollard - Watson

"Thank you for looking after our 3 animals for us so well while we were away. Your efforts have been well appreciated. We did not worry about our animals at all. Thanks especially from Spot!
Thank you - until next time."

Ian and Bronwyn Hirst - Kaleen

“Thank you very much,
I must admit that if it was not for the fact that you will be taking care of our animals we would not be able to go away. As you know we have to pop up to Sydney at various times and it is such a comfort to know that our "babies" are in such good hands. Both Brian and I feel very comfortable knowing that you will be popping in. We are also comforted about the fact that anybody watching the house with intent will be put off by the constant coming and going of somebody each day, providing us with great security cover as well.
Again, thank you! “

Adele and Brian Carr - Flynn

I just wanted to say thank you for looking after Thomas and Coco these past two weekends. It is very nice to come home to two contented cats,
who have been fed and have had their litter changed. It means we can collapse and enjoy being home instead of dashing around frantically trying to soothe them! Both cats really do seem very happy and not at all put out. They must feel safe and comfortable with you. We won't be heading away again for a while now, but we will be in touch when we do. This is obviously the best care for out two mad moggies.

Thanks again!"

Katrina Roper & Andrew Thomas - Narrabundah